The company

Burnt Wasp is a privately held game development and technology company located in the United Kingdom. Our primary focus is on the production of fun games along with the cross platform technology to drive them.

The mission

The team

Formed in 2010, our small core team has years of combined industry experience, placing us in a position to develop the kind of games we want to play and hope you will too.

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Tom Bampton - Programmer
A terribly british programmer who makes games, stupid beards and profiles containing many in jokes.

Tom has been developing games for several years with a number of companies including Mode7 and GarageGames. Projects include code for the Torque Game Engines, Constructor, Prima Ballerina: New York demo and most recently Neutron Flux.

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Gary Preston - Programmer
Serial tea drinker and guitar hero addict.

Gary has been programming professionally since graudating from Bradford University in 2000. His game development career began in early 2005 as a freelance programmer for Red Thumb Games. He has since worked on several titles and demos including Shelled Online, Dragon Hatchery, Prima Ballerina: New York and most recently Neutron Flux.

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Nauris Krauze - Artist
Artist with a cat who`s been working on indy games for some time now. Nauris, not the cat, silly.

Profile pending...